What Parents Say About Mesa Vista Therapeutics:

"Of all the activities we enrolled Micheal in, and there were many, we would have to say that therapeutic riding at Mesa Vista Therapeutics would be one of the most important for him. He has learned a myriad of skills and has had fun while acquiring them. Socially - he has made friends and his attention span has grown. Emotionally - he is proud of himself and has become a very independent little man. Physically - his posture and coordination has improved. Helen and Kathleen have been beside him for every step, every trot. This past summer we were privileged to see Micheal participate in his first sporting event - the Equestrian Games of the Special Olympics. We are so very proud of him and thankful to his instructors and the dedicated volunteers of MVT. Helen, Kathleen, you have set the bar high. We hope that we will be able to find another ranch such as yours in our new location. Best wishes to all."

- A Very Thankful Family, The McMahon's

"Wyatt will never be a loud person and riding is helping him develop strong self-esteem along with a voice. We saw progress from the first lesson and he continues to develop every time he has a riding lesson. For example, learning the 'click' for 'let's go' seems so simple, but it took encouragement for him to develop confidence in his voice to do it. There is nothing better for building self-esteem than sitting alone on top of a horse with the confidence to click 'let's go'."

- Darlene

"Derik has been diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger's and Sensory Processing Disorder. Riding is starting to increase his stamina and ability to do something for more than a few minutes. His self-confidence has increased and his ability to interact with other people. MVT has also been a great place to practice his social skills."

- Andrea

"Neil has been riding with Mesa Vista since September '05...I can't believe it's been 4 years! He first started when Mesa Vista was providing therapeutic riding services through the Powhatan County Public Schools Early Childhood Special Education Program. Because Neil enjoyed it so much, and seemed to benefit so much, we found a way to continue privately with Mesa Vista when the schools stopped facilitating that service. Neil is a 7 and a half year old boy with beautiful blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, a terrific smile and a goofy sense of humor. He also happens to have Down Syndrom, an autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing challenges. Among the challenges these disabilities present are low muscle tone and significant difficulties with communication and social skills. Since Neil's been riding, his therapists at school and in private practice (Occupational and Physical Therapists) have remarked on how much his core muscle tone and strength has improved and how that has translated into more stable walking, stair climbing, sitting posture and has also carried over into improvements in fine motor skills (which require stability in the core). In addition, Neil will often be more verbal and responsive either during riding or shortly after. In fact, just today (Sept. 19th), as he was feeding Annie (the horse he usually rides) her usual peppermint treats right after a great ride, he enthusiastically intoned 'yum, yum, yum' as she gobbled the mints out of his open hand. Perhaps the greatest benefit Neil derives from riding at Mesa Vista is a true sense of enjoyment - and for a little guy with lots of challenges to deal with on a regular basis, doing something that's challenging, beneficial, and prompts some communication and socialization... and that's also really fun... is a pretty rare and terrific combination!"

- Angela